Genuine Buddha |  An Basic Guide to Discovering Your Distinctive Look

Genuine Buddha has a variety of accessories to choose from, but which one is right for you?  How do you choose the most fitting piece to complement your unique personality?  We’ve put together this small guide for you for dressing for the occasion.

Dressing says a great deal about the type of person you are.  From tattoos that express the underbelly of those who strive every day to perform at their creative peak to the classy individual with a slight-of-hand, debonair look, you can understand that these individuals don’t just pick an appearance, they craft it.  They have discovered a truly genuine, distinctive style that others perceive as noteworthy. Every day judgement is passed on looks alone.  Not to say we do that here at Genuine Buddha…but we do love to dress for the occasion.

Such is every piece crafted here at Genuine Buddha.  Each piece has hard work and sweat put into it that we want our consumers to understand why their piece is actually worth so much more than they are actually getting.  Hard work creates these pieces, and so inspires you to work hard for the things you want.  The reason we call them pieces and not accessories is because we believe it is disrespectful to the craftsman who took time out of their life to provide you with a treasure that compliments your creative, distinctive style.




Narrow Down Attractive Pieces

We are not here to push the religion of Buddhism on individuals nor to represent Buddhism.  The primary basis of most pieces found in our Genuine Buddha catalog represent meditation beads and mala bracelet inspired designs.  Some individuals believe that the specific type of bead used to complete the design can be used to have specialized healing powers dependent upon the stone.  Not to say we don’t have a high respect for Buddhism.

Does Genuine Buddha believe this?  The simple answer is yes and no.  We believe that life is what you make of it, and if you choose to believe in something that no one is able to take this away from you.  Period.  It’s your look.  It’s your style.  Don’t give in to peer pressure and stand out from the herd.

Categorize Your Items by Color and Symbolism

When you find a piece that catches your eye, immediately add it to your cart.  Once you have narrowed down all of your distinct pieces, categorize your pieces.

Categorize Your Pieces By:

1.)  Select your Piece based on color.  For example dark colors may be more suited for Fall or Winter while light colors may be more suited for Spring or Summer.

2.)  Consider the bead healing powers and how they enhance your life in order to achieve your goals.

3.)  Pick a piece based on it’s symbolism and what it represents to you.  Visualize how you would like others to view you.

Base Your Style Off a Role Model

From my time working here at Genuine Buddha, I can tell you that the easiest way to discover your look going into a new season is to establish a foundation off of someone else’s look.  Now, I’m not saying go ahead and copy their full on look from their beard to their shoes, but what I am saying is that you can tell that you get a certain impression from the way your body responds to certain individuals.  This is most likely what you are striving for.  Just like us here at Genuine Buddha, you are most likely striving for that spark of daily motivation that you can look down at and realize that you are something and you are going to great things!


If you can’t tell, the world is changing…FAST.  What differentiates this generation from the next generation is our ability to communicate with another person from the other side of the world at the click of a button and access immense amounts of information.  Included in this is culture and style.  You now have access to any type of accessory at the click of button, but you just need to search the vast depths of the internet to find it.  If you view this young Buddha to the right, you can see that he’s taking digital photos through a hobby that inspires him to be true to himself.  Just as this young Buddha does, so should you.

If you are getting positive vibes from your threads, know that others may attempt to replicate your look for themselves.

I can say that it gets quite annoying when you purchase a certain look, and, all of a sudden, someone at work sees you wearing it and immediately goes out seeking the same look.  Know that you just found a covert jewelry distributor unbeknownst to your friends that you can depend on to source your secret arsenal of style from.  We provide pieces that invoke conversation, not mass branded designs.  I don’t know about you, but I really do only include individuals in on my secrets that deserve it.  If I believe that I can help another person achieve higher results, and they won’t use this advantage in a malicious way…I let them in on it.  I let them in on my secret to achieve success in hopes that they will achieve success just as I will achieve success.

Now that you’ve looked at others around you, and you’ve decided whether you want a piece that is expressive or invokes subtle emotion to yourself or others, choose an idol that motivates you to be a better individual.  Individuals such as Jason Mamoa from Game of Thrones have a certain look that invokes a certain audience to respond to them.  Let’s just say that some of his characteristics include dark, tall, handsome, and stylish.  Others see this and are attracted to these qualities.  However, they’re attracted to these qualities because they vibe so well together.  He goes the extra mile on his style, but he does it with the intention that others will respond to how he looks and how he acts.  You could say that he invokes others through his appearance and his personality.  Most of all, it can take a ton of time to polish skills such as acting and fashion sense to get others to respond to you in a positive way.  Don’t think it happens over night.  It takes trial and error to finally discover who you really are!

Analyze Your Idol’s Personality and Fashion Sense:

1.)  You are influenced by others, whether they are famous or not.  Narrow down those who inspire you.

2.)  Choose several individuals that carry the traits you want.

3.)  Combine traits and style that you see as positive in those individuals and use them to your advantage to shape your own personality and look.


Plan Ahead based on the Time of Year

You wouldn’t exactly wear a button down to the beach, would you?  Let’s be realistic here, there are certain seasons that invoke certain emotions and this can be seen through, not only the way people dress, but as well as television commercials and holidays.  We would like to toot our own horn and say that you can wear any piece for any occasion, but we would rather you select your piece based on the events you go to.  Some pieces are more subtle than others while other pieces can be more extroverted when it comes to the views of those around you.  Some prefer to wear their pieces under their clothes to only inspire themselves unbeknownst to others while other individuals prefer to let their piece stand out for all those around them to see!

This is why we recommend at times to take into account what time of year it is and the type of individuals you will mostly be around.


If I was paid every time I was lacking proper attire in the past for specific events, I wouldn’t be writing this stupid blog.  I’m just kidding.  But seriously, I have had major holiday events come up and realized that I should have bought a certain product or attire way in advance so that I could be prepared when it came time for that event.  Now that I’ve gotten older, I realize that I just needed to work on my organizational skills.  I’m way more prepared for events now!  So we here at Genuine Buddha, we recommend planning ahead for formal attire.  The attire that you wear will positively enhance your current situation if you play your cards right.  We want you to be well respected and want others to perceive you in a positive manner.  That’s why we sell the products we do.  They invoke positive reactions in others and want you to meet other individuals with like-minds.


On a realistic note, you wouldn’t write an entire presentation to present to an audience of one-hundred people and not practice it right?  I mean I guess you can wing it, but I’d say that even the most experienced individuals can get cold feet.  For this reason, we here at Genuine Buddha see fashion style with a sense of planning.  For the love of God, please do not show up at your formal holiday dinner in cut off jeans and a tie.  You will barred off from your family and friends.

Do us a favor.  Take a minute.  Visualize what you will look like at your next event?  Got it?  Okay good.  Do you have a formal look?  Do you have an informal look?  Do you have a look when you are hanging out with friends?  How about with your family?

We hope that whatever styles you choose and whatever situation you are put in, you are on top of your game.  Be unique and true to your style.  If you need recommendations for styles, we should also have some future blogs coming out that you might enjoy.  Make sure to subscribe to’s email list!