GenuineBuddha.com does not sell items manufactured or licensed by famous designers.

Genuine Buddha is NOT a manufacturer or importer; we are reseller of high quality jewelry.  Products sold on our site are similar to those sold by famous designers but are in no manner attempting to sell products under a famous designer’s brand or image.   GenuineBuddha.com has carefully compiled the contents of this website in accordance with their current state of knowledge and are respectful of others’ intellectual property.  The products within GenuineBuddha.com are affordable reproductions of popular designs found in the public domain, or adaptations of designs that are comparable in quality and to products sold by famous designers and manufacturers.  Products do not come stamped with the designer’s logo in a logo box.  We do not represent our products to be original nor do we claim that the pieces in our collection are exact designer copies, therefore; they do not violate any copyright laws.

Occasionally, we stock and advertise a product that appears to be a copy of a protected work. Because we respect the intellectual property rights of third parties, it is GenuineBuddha.com’s policy to suspend the sale of any item claimed to be infringing, provided the third party owner offers reasonable substantiation of such claim so as to permit our staff and legal counsel to conduct an investigation.  GenuineBuddha.com will promptly and permanently remove any item from sale that infringes the intellectual property rights of a third party.

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