Express your individuality.

Be true to yourself.

All material in this world has precious value, and we believe this value should never be wasted.  Whether a piece is worn on your wrist or left for another to find, it is not the physical material that defines the piece, but the idea it represents.  We do not believe that even a drop of water should be wasted, or any other material for that matter in this world we live in.  We want you to live happy, care-free, and to impact others in a positive manner.

Through this, comes the idea that all material possessions in this world have value, and this includes…you.  This is why we want you to find that one piece that represents the ideas you hold so that you can visually share your piece with others.  As you share your piece, you share your ideas.  As you share your ideas, you build a brighter future for everyone.  We hope that you wake up tomorrow and live and breathe the true nature of your being.

Genuine Buddha is for people who want to shape their future.  We distribute products and build communities that motivate you to perform at your full potential, inspire others through symbolical design and beauty, and innovate a bigger and brighter future for everyone.  Genuine Buddha is an ambitious brand, based in Florida, but renowned throughout all time zones but designed with you in mind.

We live in a vastly changing world that connects us all at the click of a button.  Modern, minimal, and motivational design drive us on a daily basis and think that it should be a part of your life too.  We live in the muddy waters of human suffering, but with this, comes new light.  You are in control of your life.  You have the ability to impact those around you.

Aspire.  Learn.  Motivate.  Desire.  Love.  Live.  Be.